Alyssa Farah Griffin Says Hush Money Prosecution’s ‘Salacious’ Retelling of Stormy Daniels Affair Hurts Their Case | Video

Alyssa Farah Griffin is paying close attention to Donald Trump’s hush money trial … and she has some questions for the prosecution.

The former White House communications director and current cohost of “The View” stopped by CNN to share her opinion on the legal strategy behind her former boss being forced to relive his affair with Stormy Daniels in the public eye. Daniels took the witness stand on Tuesday to detail their alleged sexual encounter at a Lake Tahoe hotel room in 2006, and Griffin expressed concern that the prosecution got too “salacious” for the jury.

Asked how a Trump-led Republican party is going to respond to the day’s testimony, Griffin said that “it’s going to be a mix of outrage that the former president had to sit there and listen to those salacious details — his wife’s name coming up, this allegation that he said that they did not share a bedroom,” Farah Griffin told host Jake Tapper on “The Lead.” “But I also think that the defense did a pretty effective job today.”

“I want to say this; I’m not an attorney, I know Republican voters and I know the Republican public. I’m a bit stunned that the prosecution leaned so heavily into the salacious details about the sexual encounter, rather than talking about who Stormy Daniels is,” she continued. “I interviewed her recently, she’s a mother, she’s been nearly bankrupted because of her former attorney, now paying Trump’s legal bills. She’s somebody who could be a very sympathetic figure who also could have credibility.”

Farah Griffin concluded, “I think to really lean into that side of it … I don’t know that that’s going to play well with a jury. This was something that took place in 2006, she was 27 years old, he was 60. That data point matters.”

Trump’s hush money trial began April 15 in Manhattan. The former president is accused of instructing his former lawyer Michael Cohen to pay off Daniels, a former adult film star, to keep her quiet about their affair before allegedly covering up said payments by falsely logging them as legal fees.

Farah Griffin’s comments come the same day that MSNBC analyst Renato Mariotti noted how anyone — especially female members of the jury — could relate to Daniels’ story.

“Not everybody is an adult entertainment artist, but everybody, and particularly women, have experiences with power dynamics,” Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor, said. “People — whoever you are — have the experience of being taken advantage of by somebody who’s more powerful than you.”

Day 14 of the Trump hush money trial continues on Thursday.

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