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Biden states that the midterm vote was a “good day for democracy” and points out that the “red wave” didn’t occur

President Joe Biden made his first speech since Tuesday’s close of polls in the country. He criticized those who doubted his “incessant optimism” about Democrats’ ability for the midterm elections to avoid resounding Republican wins. This is even though his presidency is likely to enter a new period with a divided government.

He said that the results were a sign that American democracy is still strong despite being under threat in recent years.

Biden stated, “We had an electoral vote yesterday.” “It was a good day for democracy, I believe.”

“Our democracy has been put to the test in recent years but with their votes, they have spoken out and proved once again that democracy IS who we are,” he said, adding that “while pundits and the press are predicting a huge red wave, it didn’t happen.”

These results were not the “thumping”, George W. Bush described at his 2006 post-midterm press conference, nor the “shellacking” Barack Obama claimed Democrats experienced in 2010.

Biden appeared confident despite the inability of the so-called “red waves” to manifest Tuesday night. This is a reflection of the mood of Democrats, which includes those inside the White House.

Although the president admitted that the results were not an endorsement of his strategy, He said that voters were also clear that they are still frustrated. I get it. It’s been a difficult few years for many in this country.”

“While every seat lost is sad, Democrats had a strong night. We lost fewer seats than any Democratic president’s first midterm elections in 40 years. Biden noted that we had the most successful midterm for governors in 1986.”

President Donald Trump, who will turn 80 in a month, said that he was not in any hurry to announce his bid for reelection in 2024. He also reiterated that his timeline is still “early next year”.

“We intend to run again. He stated that this was his intention regardless of the outcome. Biden said that he is a “great respecter of destiny” and called another run “a family choice.”

He said, “I believe everybody wants me to be elected, but we’re going to have discussions about it.”

And Biden sent a message to all those who opposed another presidential run: “Watch me!”

Both parties’ future

According to the president, he will invite leaders from both Congress parties to the White House to discuss how they can work together after his return from an overseas trip. He also stated that he is open to working with elected Republicans on many issues. He said, “The American people have made it clear, I believe, that they expect Republicans to be prepared to collaborate with me, too.”

Biden still drew a line on some Republican proposals. He said he would veto any legislation that he believes could increase inflation, cut Social Security and Medicare, or attempt to ban abortion nationwide.

Biden stated that he will speak with Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader – who is running for House Speaker – later in the day.

As former President Donald Trump teases a possible announcement that he will be

running for the White House, the results seemed more likely to cause soul-searching among Republicans and Democrats than they did among Democrats. Many of the candidates Trump supported in a toss-up race lost or were locked into contests that were too soon to call.

Biden, for his part, stated Wednesday that he doesn’t plan to change anything in the second half of his presidential term. He said that Americans would see the benefits of his agenda items as soon as they become effective.

The president stated that they are just trying to find out what we’re doing. “The more they learn about what we do, the more support they will have.”

Biden and his team face two difficult years of government if Republicans take control of the House. Without a Democratic majority, the President’s agenda could be severely curtailed. Republicans also promised to investigate Biden’s family and administration.

Biden stated that he believes Americans want the government to “move forward and get things done for us,” not conduct investigations into Biden, his family, or his administration.

Biden spoke out about the potential probes, saying that it was “just, almost comedy”. “I cannot control what they will do. All I can do to make the American people’s lives better is to keep trying.”

Exit polls showed that there is still a deep dissatisfaction with the country’s economic performance. Nationally, around three-quarters of voters said that the economy was “poor” and “not great,” while the same percentage said that inflation had caused them severe or moderate hardship. Around two-thirds of respondents said that high gas prices are causing them hardship.

Voters are unhappy with the state of the country, with 7 out of 10 saying that they are “dissatisfied” and “angry”.

Despite Tuesday’s outperformance by Democrats, the president will continue to struggle with improving the country’s dark mood even though Democrats have performed better than expected. His tools to achieve that goal will be less if there isn’t a majority in Congress.

Biden focused most of his campaign on economic issues. He also highlighted areas where he had taken steps to lower costs. He was criticized by some Democrats for broadening his closing message to include abortion rights and a defense democracy.

Biden advisers prepared to defend the tactic heading into Tuesday. They had historical data that showed Democrats faring better in this year’s midterm cycle than previous ones, which usually results in losses for the incumbent president’s party.

Biden will likely avoid second-guessing and finger-pointing. Even with House losses, the results this year are among the most impressive for the party in power in recent history.

Comparatively, Democrats lost 54 seats during President Bill Clinton’s first midterm election in 1994. Obama’s first midterm elections saw his party lose just 63 seats.

Biden discusses foreign policy issues and Elon Musk’s influence

Biden spoke before the media on Wednesday to discuss challenges with Russia and China, two of America’s most powerful foreign enemies.

Biden stated that the timing of Russia’s withdrawal announcement from Kherson, Ukraine was “interesting”.

Biden stated that it was interesting that they waited to make the judgment after the election, something we had known for some time. It’s also evidence that the Russian military has some serious problems. Biden said that it remains to be seen where the withdrawal will lead and “whether or not Ukraine wants to compromise with Russia”.

Biden said that he had been told by Russian President Vladimir Putin that he wasn’t likely to attend the G20 summit in Indonesia. Biden also stated to reporters that he hopes Putin will be more open to discussing Brittney Griner’s release from Russia now that the election is over.

Biden confirmed that he expected to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping next week at the G20 summit. Biden stated that he doesn’t intend to make “fundamental concessions” but that they will talk about the economy and trade. He declined to say what his message on US military support for Taiwan would be if China moves on the island.

Biden said, “I’m going to have that conversation with him,” adding that they’ll “lay out each of our redlines.”

Reporters were also informed by the president that Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner, was “worthy” of being examined. However, he declined to elaborate on how this could be achieved.

Biden stated that Elon Musk’s cooperation with/or technical relations with other countries merits scrutiny, regardless of whether he is acting inappropriately. “But that’s all (I will) say.”

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