Bill Burr’s Wife Under Fire For ‘Classless’ Act Towards Donald Trump At UFC 295

Nia Renee Hill, wife of famous comedian Bill Burr, is facing backlash after she seemingly flipped off former President Donald Trump at UFC 295.

Although Trump is currently on trial in New York for committing fraud, he decided to have a fun weekend out as he appeared at Madison Square Garden for UFC 295, alongside Kid Rock and Tucker Carlson.

Donald Trump Seemingly Flipped Off By Bill Burr’s Wife

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Bill Burr’s Wife Under Fire For ‘Classless’ Act Towards Donald Trump At UFC 295

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Donald Trump was seen entering Madison Square Garden alongside UFC President Dana White and Kid Rock during UFC 295 on Saturday. He then took his ringside seat to watch the main event, sitting in front of comedian Bill Burr, and his wife of ten years, Nia Renee Hill.

Burr’s wife is facing some backlash for seemingly flipping off Trump while at the event, which was caught on camera. Screengrabs and videos were shared on social media, which appeared to show Hill giving two middle fingers in the direction of Donald Trump.

“Classless,” one user wrote in response to Hill’s actions. Another fan stated, “Trashy is as trashy does…”

Another expressed, “She’s obviously not a classy lady. She will be forgotten shortly.”

Hill married comedian Bill Burr in 2013 and share two children. Over the years, Burr has openly praised his wife, speaking highly of her in various interviews and even talking about their marriage during his stand-up comedy acts.

Other fans stood behind Hill after the UFC incident as many said they “would’ve done the same thing.” Another asked, “How do I thank her?”

“Go, Mrs. Burr!!,” one user wrote on social media as another chimed in by saying, “She is BADA–! Thanks, lady! I have RA and can’t flip birds anymore. D— I miss that.”

It is unclear if the bird was aimed toward Trump or toward the camera. It is hard to tell.

Trump Storms Out Of Courtroom During Trial

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As many know, Trump is currently on trial as he was questioned for intentionally inflating his property and assets — in other words, committing fraud.

During the court session on Wednesday, October 25, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, and recent foe, was asked if Trump or Allen Weisselberg directed him to inflate the numbers, to which Cohen responded with, “Not that I recall.”

One of Trump’s attorneys, Cliff Robert, then asked for a directed verdict as he argued the key witnesses testified that the defendant didn’t tell Cohen to inflate the numbers. The judge denied the request, which is when the former President immediately got up and stormed out of the courtroom. The action forced the Secret Service agents to chase after him.

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Outside the courtroom, Trump reportedly said, “The witness just admitted that we won the trial. And then the judge should end this trial immediately.”

In addition, during a break in the trial, Trump told reporters, “This judge is a very partisan judge, with a person who’s very partisan sitting alongside him, perhaps even much more partisan than he is.”

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