BMW Neue Klasse EV Coupe caught testing in new spy photos

BMW’s futuristic Neue Klasse EV family is starting to take shape — literally in this case. This is our first look at what will be the coupe version of BMW’s new battery-electric lineup, and if our spies (and our eyes) are to be believed, this prototype is sporting independent, hub-mounted motors. Long suggested as a natural evolution from the standard motor-and-axle layout offered by current EVs, hub motors needed some development time to overcome a few inherent disadvantages, key among them the amount of un-sprung mass they add to each suspension corner. 

What exactly are we on about here? Well, look closely at the wheel on the prototype below. Notice anything peculiar? If you said “there’s no brake caliper,” you’d be correct. That’s because we’re probably not looking at brake rotors here, but the outer face of the hub-mounted motor, which likely incorporates the hydraulic braking system into the assembly itself. We mentioned the weight issue above, but as you might have already surmised, this configuration imparts the additional challenge of managing waste heat from the braking system. But remember, this is BMW — the company that made “turbine” wheels a thing. 

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What we know about this platform is currently outweighed heavily by what we don’t, but BMW suggested some specs when the concept sedan was shown in the second half of 2023. Compared to the pack in the current i4, BMW says its newly-developed battery cells will offer 20% more energy density and 30% faster theoretical charging speeds. And not only will the batteries be capable of storing more energy for the same size pack, but BMW says overall vehicle driving efficiency will increase by up to 25% — and as much as 40% in winter thanks to a new heat pump. BMW believes this will amount to a 30% range increase vs. the company’s current-gen EVs. 

Given that this prototype has what appears to be a production-intent body shape under all that camo, BMW can’t be too far from ready to share details about its next-gen powertrains. We must admit, we’re curious.

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