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Brooke Shields reminisces about being the most famous virgin in all of history

Brooke Shields regretted going public about her virginity in her 20s.

Shields, now 57, wrote about her virginity, in “On Your Own” a 1985 book about leaving home for the very first time. She wrote the book while she was still in college.

Shields stated that it was a mistake to openly discuss my virginity in the future because it never left me alone. Shields spoke with Ali Wentworth during an interview on her podcast, “Now What?” Tuesday.

Shields stated that it was a “huge error” that she didn’t write the book because the publisher didn’t want what she wrote. They didn’t want my first chapter. I wrote it in depth. They wanted a stupid, simple book that said “I like leg warmers.”

She explained that the chapter was not about abstinence per se, but rather about making your own choices.

Shields stated that she would receive fan mail from girls who claimed their boyfriends pressured them into having sex. “And my narrative was that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

She said that she was the “most famous virgin” after the media discovered the excerpt.

Wentworth and the actress of “Endless Love,” Wentworth both agreed that it was “very creepy” for her to appear on television and be asked about virginity by “strange older males” during interviews.

But there was something. Being in the fire at such an early age gave me a lot of resilience. It helped me to be prepared for any challenge in the industry, she stated.

“It begs the question, Are you still a virgin?” Wentworth made fun of the wife and mother-of-two before turning to Shields, where she lost her virginity to Dean Cain at 22.

The 57-year-old said that she regrets “waiting for sex” because there was “a sense of joy, freedom, that I should be able to experience in a relationship so wonderful and so sweet.”

She stated that she appreciated the “openness” with which she can talk to her daughters about sex, but was surprised to discover that she is “OK with it for them” while she wasn’t for herself.

Shields wrote 2014, “There was a Little Girl,” about her relationship with her mother. She said that she felt “guilt” after losing her virginity. Her mom expected her to keep a vow of chastity.

She claimed that her mother was unfairly harsh about her long-standing relationship with Cain.

Brooks stated, “I don’t know if she would ever confess to it, but that threat went beyond Catholicism.” “I believe that she wanted me to remain hers alone. She held a strong hold on me. “… Growing up and having sex would have meant that I was leaving her.”

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