‘Completely Deranged’: CNN Fact-Checker Shreds Trump’s New 'Bonkers Nonsense’

CNN’s fact check reporter Daniel Dale on Thursday thoroughly debunked one of Donald Trump’s latest wild claims, slamming it as “completely bonkers nonsense” and “insane.”

Trump earlier in the day falsely claimed to reporters that the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection and storming of the U.S. Capitol was caused by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“That is an insane statement, that is beyond fact-check false. That is completely deranged,” said Dale.

“This was a mob of pro-Trump supporters called to town, urged to be wild by Trump himself. Nancy Pelosi tried to protect the Capitol, tried to summon National Guard troops. Completely bonkers nonsense,” he added of Trump’s comment.

Dale also dismissed Trump’s claim that “no guns” were there.

“There were, in fact, guns,” Dale noted. “We may never get a complete list of how many guns were there because most of the rioters were permitted to go home without arrest that day, but some people were arrested with guns.”

Dale named some of the people sentenced to prison for carrying firearms on the day. “This idea that it has taken hold in parts of the right, fueled by Trump, that there were no guns that day completely not true,” he added.

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