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Ethereum Game 'MetalCore' Adding MON Token Rewards From 'Pixelmon'

MetalCore, an upcoming mech shooter built on Ethereum gaming network Immutable zkEVM, has announced a collaboration with the Mon Protocol associated with fellow Immutable game Pixelmon, with plans to integrate in-game quests that let players earn MON token rewards.

As part of the collaboration, MetalCore players will be able to complete special quests to earn MON tokens, the default currency used to buy and sell digital in-game assets on Mon Protocol’s mission platform.

MetalCore is currently in closed beta, with an open beta launch previously targeted for May. A representative for MetalCore developer Studio369 could not confirm when the MON-earning missions will be added to the game. MetalCore will also be launching its own token, which players can also earn via gameplay.

“We are thrilled to team up with Mon Protocol to offer our combined player communities an exciting new way to engage with both virtual worlds, earning meaningful and valuable rewards in the process,” said Matt Candler, CEO of Studio369.

The Mon Protocol is tied into Pixelmon, an infamous NFT gaming project that had a disastrous launch in 2022 but was saved by a new owner, LiquidX, that is developing an ecosystem of monster-battling games. MON plays into the game’s decentralized ownership protocol, which will incentivize NFT owners to help grow the IP.

In recent months, the Mon Protocol has announced partnerships with numerous crypto games and other projects, expanding its reach ahead of the upcoming MON token launch.

“Teaming up with MetalCore highlights just how limitless Web3 gaming can be, bringing all sorts of new experiences to players effortlessly,” said Pixelmon CEO and Mon Protocol co-founder Giulio Xiloyannis, in a release. “It’s a big step towards making a digital world that’s not just easier to get into and more welcoming, but also more connected.”

Editor’s note: This article was written with the assistance of AI. Edited and fact-checked by Andrew Hayward.

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