Genesis G80 EV Magma Concept comes in hot at Beijing Auto Show

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The Genesis G80 EV Magma Concept just sprang to life at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, and it’s quite the sport sedan. Don’t confuse it for the G80 Magma that was only just revealed at the NY Auto Show – that one’s gas-powered and an actual production car sold in the Middle East. This new Magma is electric and purely a concept for the time being.

All that said, this Magma Concept looks pretty production-ready to us. It mimics its gas-powered twin in many ways aesthetically, but still finds way to stand out. Of course, its Acme Blue paint is totally new and a color chose specifically for its reveal location in China. Genesis says it was inspired by extra-hot blue flames, symbolizing “the dedication to China’s continuous progress and advancement while also signifying the ever-evolving nature of the brand’s Magma program.”

The blue paint is fitting alongside all the other appearance enhancements. It has a much more aggressive front grille, wider fenders both in front and rear, big 21-inch wheels (with staggered, wider rear tires), a lower ride height, big lip spoiler, rear diffuser and a bumper-integrated fog lamp meant to remind of race cars.

As far as added performance goes, Genesis says this G80 EV Magma Concept is equipped with a suspension tuned for “elevated road-holding and cornering potential.” It also has larger, ventilated brakes and lightweight wheels designed to direct airflow to the brakes. Unfortunately, Genesis doesn’t provide any details on the powertrain, so we presume it hasn’t been drastically fettled with for this concept.

There aren’t any photos of the interior, but Genesis says it’s used Alcantara, quilted leather and carbon fiber aplenty. Said carbon fiber features a blue weave to match the bright exterior, too.

Beyond the concept, Genesis showed off a long-wheelbase, updated version of its Electrified G80 (seen in the gallery above). It too is finished in a unique blue paint named “Vision Blue” that will be exclusive to the Chinese market. Its interior is just as blue as the outside with epic, quilted blue leather everywhere you look. The wheelbase stretch (by 5.1 inches) gives the car a profile closer to the G90 than the G80 Electrified it’s based on. It also has a revised front fascia, dish-style 19-inch wheels, and of course, reclining VIP seats in the rear among many other refinements and luxurious add-ons. We won’t ever see this long wheelbase version of the electric G80 in the U.S., but it sure is pretty to look at from afar.

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