Joe Biden Taunts Rep. Lauren Boebert With 2-Word Message From 'Dark Brandon'

President Joe Biden broke out his “Dark Brandon” alter ego as he fired off a quick joke at the expense of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), who has been one of his biggest critics in Congress.

Jordy Meiselas of the progressive news outlet MeidasTouch Network pointed out to Biden that Boebert abandoned her constituents to run for a different seat shortly after the president visited her district last year.

“Is that a coincidence or Dark Brandon at work?” Meiselas asked Biden in Pittsburgh last week.

“That’s classified,” Biden said with a laugh.

Boebert held what had been previously considered a safe Republican seat and was widely expected to cruise to reelection in 2022. FiveThirtyEight had expected her to win by nearly 14 percentage points.

But voters in her district appeared to have grown weary of her far-right antics, and she ended up defeating Democratic challenger Adam Frisch by just 0.16 point.

Rather than face a rematch against Frisch, Boebert bailed on her current district to run in what is expected to be an even safer district. In a strange interview in January, she blamed actors Barbra Streisand and Ryan Reynolds for forcing her to make the move.

However, early indications suggest she may be struggling in that new district as well. She finished fifth in a straw poll earlier this year.

She’s also been dogged by personal scandals ― including salacious headlines after she was ejected from a performance of the “Beetlejuice” musical due to inappropriate behavior ― and family issues, such as the arrest of her adult son on various trespass and theft charges earlier this year.

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