'MemeFi' Secret Tap Combo Guide: How to Earn Millions of Free Coins in the Telegram Game

MemeFi is one of the latest Telegram crypto games to follow in the footsteps of smashes like Notcoin and Hamster Kombat. It’s similarly built around tapping an on-screen button, but in this case, MemeFi turns your taps into attacks against one of several meme-inspired boss monsters, such as Doge and Pepe foes.

And there’s a secret hidden amid the usual tap attacks—a hidden combination of taps that, if entered correctly, will earn you millions of in-game coins. Better yet, there’s a new one each and every day, which means that you can rapidly pile up your in-game stash ahead of the upcoming MEMEFI token launch.

Here’s what you need to know about MemeFi’s daily secret tap combo, how to enter it into the game, and where you can find the new daily combination.

What is the secret tap combo?

The MemeFi secret tap combo is… well, quite literally, a secret combination of taps in the Telegram combat game. By entering a certain daily pattern of taps while fighting one of the meme monsters, you’ll immediately net a bounty of in-game coins.

Screenshots from MemeFi. Image: Decrypt

The string of taps can vary in length—sometimes it’s as few as six taps, sometimes it’s longer. Likewise, the bounty fluctuates alongside the complexity of the tap combo. We’ve seen 2 million coins awarded many days, but also 3 million coins sometimes, and as many as 4 million coins as a reward for a longer string of taps.

How do I learn the latest secret tap combo?

Like the daily combos in games like Hamster Kombat, PixelTap, and Gemz, the makers of MemeFi won’t just tell you the string of taps you’ll need to input each day to earn your bounty.

Maybe it’s being teased out somewhere or leaked to certain influencers or groups, but you won’t find it sitting right there within the Telegram mini app. You could try random combinations of taps around the screen, but chances are good that you’d just end up wasting a lot of time fiddling with your fingers with no tangible result.

As such, your easiest option here is simply to search Twitter (aka X) or other social media platforms for the daily combo. There’s a growing cabal of players who share the secret tap combo in tweets and posts, and they typically give out instructions by splitting the game screen into four vertical quadrants and then giving you the order of the taps—as seen above.

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