‘Not Like Us’: Argentina Soccer Team Clowns Drake Over Lost Bitcoin Bet

Famed rapper Drake keeps making high-profile and high-value sports bets—and he’s now completed a three-peat of recent Bitcoin losses on sports matchups. But this time around, the Argentina national soccer team that he bet against added serious insult to injury.

Drake bet $300,000 in Bitcoin via crypto betting platform Stake—of which he’s a prominent brand ambassador—that his own Canadian national team would defeat Argentina in Tuesday’s Copa América semi-final. It was a longshot bet against the reigning champions, and Drake would’ve profited handsomely if Canada won, with a potential $2.88 million payout.

It didn’t work out, however. Argentina prevailed 2-0 against the Canadian team on the back of a Lionel Messi goal, propelling the champs into Sunday’s final while eliminating Drake’s crew.

Now Drake is out $300,000 worth of Bitcoin, on top of the combined $1 million worth of Bitcoin that he lost between the NBA Finals and NHL Stanley Cup Finals in June.

That’s all a drop in the bucket for the immensely successful entertainer, who again is being paid by Stake to promote the platform and share these bets—but it’s a rough streak all the same.

Drake had shared the bet via his Instagram story, which Stake then picked up and amplified further via its Twitter account earlier this week. Argentina’s social media team must have seen it, because after the match, the team tweeted a photo with the words “Not Like Us” added, as well as the accompanying text, “Not like us, not with us.”

“Not Like Us” is a diss track released earlier this summer by Kendrick Lamar as part of a high-profile feud between the rappers, and it makes a number of brutal claims against Drake. The number-one single was also broadly considered the winning song in the back-and-forth battle of diss tracks, and has resonated amid growing pockets of anti-Drake sentiment.

Drake hasn’t publicly commented on the apparent slam by Argentina’s national team.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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