‘Notcoin’ Game Token to Launch on April 20 Alongside Bitcoin Halving

Viral Telegram-based clicker game Notcoin ended its “mining phase” on Monday, as planned, the simple coin-tapping gameplay ending for the time being ahead of the expected token launch and airdrop. Now there’s a target date for the token rollout—and it’s one you might’ve seen lately if you’re following the latest Bitcoin happenings.

Notcoin plans to launch its NOT token on The Open Network (TON) on or around April 20, according to a tweet Tuesday. That’s the same date that the Bitcoin halving is currently set to occur, based on estimates.

Open Builders, the Notcoin team, had previously teased a connection to the halving, but made the 4/20 target explicit on Tuesday. It’s also a famed “meme number,” of course, which has drawn plenty of discussion and excitement around the halving.

What is the Bitcoin halving? It’s an event that occurs approximately every four years that cuts the amount of BTC earned by miners in half. It’s designed to slow the issuance of new Bitcoin and curb inflation, and it’s historically tied to a resulting rise in the price of Bitcoin.

Since launching to the public in January, Notcoin pulled in more than 35 million players, including a peak daily active user (DAU) count of more than 6 million. By tapping the coin within the Telegram-based game, players mine or earn in-game Notcoins that will eventually be converted into an on-chain, tradable token later this month.

Notcoin has already let users speculate on the price of the NOT token, however, as it launched pre-market trading in March via NFT vouchers. Heavy players who had amassed at least 10 million in-game coins could convert their holdings into NFTs on The Open Network, which can be traded and then eventually swapped for the on-chain token.

As of this writing, an NFT voucher for 10 million in-game coins is typically selling for about $52 worth of Toncoin (TON) via the GetGems marketplace. So far, there’s been more than $14 million worth of Notcoin voucher trades.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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