People Are Cackling At Monica Lewinsky's 'Iconic' Take On The Taylor Swift Meme

Monica Lewinsky’s meme game remains absolutely elite.

The activist got in on the new Taylor Swift meme, “You wouldn’t last an hour in the asylum where they raised me.”

The line comes from the megastar’s song, “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?” on her new album, “The Tortured Poets Department.”

People have taken to sharing the line, along with an image of a haunting memory, era or childhood hobby.

Enter Lewinsky, who posted the line with a picture of the White House.

Lewinsky, a former White House intern, was at the center of a political storm in the 1990s after it came to light that she had been in a sexual relationship with then-President Bill Clinton.

The president was impeached in 1998 over the scandal, on charges of lying under oath and obstruction of justice. He was acquitted by the Senate and served out the remainder of his term.

Lewinsky has worn many hats since, including spearheading anti-bullying campaigns in light of the vilification she herself faced during and after the firestorm in her early 20s.

Oh, and she’s become a social media icon, often posting viral, tongue-in-cheek memes that lean in to the controversy she had to endure.

Her take on the Swiftie meme was an “iconic” addition to the catalogues, according to X users.

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