Russians turn Nova Kakhovka into dump and install machine guns on house roofs

Volodymyr Kovalenko, Mayor of the temporarily occupied Nova Kakhovka in Kherson Oblast, has said that there are practically no Russian officers left in the district, which is constantly under Russian fire.

Source: Kovalenko in a comment to Pryazovia News, a Radio Liberty project

Quote: “It’s constantly loud [explosions are heard – ed.] in the city itself, there are constant attacks. In this regard, the vast majority of residents try not to be on the streets unless it is absolutely necessary. As for the actions of the occupiers, according to the information I have, and I get it updated almost every day, only regular soldiers and sergeants remain on the front line. The officers have retreated to the rear.”

Details: Kovalenko said that the residents of Nova Kakhovka have no access to certain streets at all, and the invaders shoot at those who violate this ban without warning.

“This is, for example, the park area, where everything is mined, everything is in reinforced concrete fortifications, and everything is overgrown with weeds. They turned the city into a dump. And they put up mortars or machine guns anywhere from the first floors and to the roofs of residential buildings,” he added.

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