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Sylvester Stallone updates Bruce Willis on his status: He’s been ‘kind of incommunicado’

Sylvester Stallone is deeply sorry for Bruce Willis, his friend, and former star, who was recently diagnosed as having aphasia.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stallone stated that Bruce is going through “some difficult times.” When Stallone was asked if he is in touch with Willis, he replied that Willis had “been kind of incommunicado.” It’s so sad. It is so sad.”

After news broke that Willis had “stepped away” from acting because of his physical condition, Stallone, 76, shared photos of his friend via Instagram and wrote, “We go back a long way. Praying for the best for your family and you.”

Both men were involved in the Planet Hollywood venture, which was launched in 1991 by Demi Moore and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The men reunited to star in “The Expendables” in 2010, which eventually became a tetralogy.

The men continued filming “The Expendables 2,” the sequel to the movie, but things became rocky after Willis left for the third installment.

Harrison Ford was hired to replace Willis, which Stallone enjoyed on Twitter. In August 2013, he wrote, “WILLIS OUT…HARRISON FORD IN !!!!.” GREAT NEWS !!!!! This !!!!!” is finally here.

Stallone retracted his feelings about Willis during a press conference.

It’s not personal. It wasn’t like it got personal and I’m sorry that it sounds this way. It was actors speaking, and things move on. Bruce Willis is a great actor and makes entertaining films. He is a master at what he does.

Stallone was almost in a fallout with his wife of 25 years. Jennifer Flavin filed for divorce last August. However, the couple reconciled recently.

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