The best jumper cables of 2024

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Jumper cables are an essential tool for car owners. In the unfortunate case of your battery not being able to start, jumper cables can help your car get up and running again. These cables work by attaching one end to the battery of the dead car and the other end to a running car to transfer energy to the dead battery. They can be used for your own vehicle or to help a friend or stranger in need. Here are the best jumper cables currently available at Amazon.

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$14.24 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 20-foot jumper cables
  • 10 gauge
  • Tight-grip alligator clamps
  • Ideal for small cars

These Amazon Basics 10 gauge jumper cables are 20 feet long and are great for smaller compact cars. They are built with durable tight-grip alligator clamps with sturdy springs to make them easy to handle. 

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$14.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 12-foot cable length 
  • 10 gauge
  • Cables remain flexible in temperatures as low as -13°F
  • Fits top and side post batteries
  • Ideal for small cars
  • Storage bag included

These Cartman 10 Gauge jumper cables are 12 feet long and can be purchased with a length of up to 25 feet. They have a patented cable clamp design that uses non-conducting rubber. These cables fit on top and side post batteries and can sustain temperatures as low as -13°F.

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$24.87 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 20 foot length
  • 4 gauge
  • 500 amps
  • Copper-plated clamps
  • Includes a travel bag and safety gloves

These EPAuto 4 Garage Heavy Duty Booster Jump Cables are 20 feet long. These cables come with a carrying bag that includes a pair of safety gloves for extra safety. The cables work well with cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and motorcycles. 

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$19.97 at Amazon

Key Features

  • #1 best selling automotive battery jumper cable on Amazon
  • 16-foot length 
  • 6 gauge
  • Vinyl coated clamp
  • Can work in temperatures as low as -40°F
  • 2 year warranty

Energizer is one of the most popular battery brands and is easily recognizable by the Energizer bunny, It has the #1 best-selling automotive battery jumper cable on Amazon. It’s a 6-gauge cable that is 16 feet long, with other lengths available to choose from. This cable can work in temperatures as low as -40°F. A 2-year warranty is included with your purchase.

What drains the car battery?

There are several reasons that can cause your vehicle’s battery to drain and lose power. Leaving the headlights or interior lights on all night, extreme weather conditions, and wear and tear on the battery over time are common causes of dead car batteries. Another potential cause is a bad alternator, which charges your battery while the vehicle is on.

How to use jumper cables

Before jumping a car, make sure the other vehicle is turned off. Here is our tutorial on how to properly jumpstart a car.

What does gauge stand for?

The wire gauge of a jumper cable refers to how thick the cables are and how much energy they are able to transfer. 8 and 10 gauge are for small cars, 6 gauge is for midsize cars, 4 gauge for large cars and SUVs, 2 gauge for vans and 1 gauge for trucks.

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