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Twitter temporarily introduced gray “official” check marks. Elon Musk later changed his mind

Elon Musk’s new ownership has made a new verification mark to help identify Twitter accounts more prominent. It is now the latest source of chaos on Twitter.

Musk abruptly announced Wednesday that he had “killed”, a gray verification badge used to identify government accounts, major brands, and media outlets. This added to the chaos at one of the most important social media companies in the world.

On Tuesday evening, the new badge was introduced. It consisted of a gray checkmark and the word “Official” underneath accounts belonging to Twitter, United Nations, and media outlets.

This feature was designed to distinguish “select” identity-verified accounts from the blue checkmarks that Twitter claims it will soon offer to pay users at $8 per month. Esther Crawford, a director in product management at Twitter, tweeted Esther Crawford.

The new badge was released Wednesday morning. Users noticed that the badge was gone by midnight.

Musk responded to a tweet concerning disappearances by saying “I just killed” Musk said: “Please be aware that Twitter will do many dumb things in the coming months. We will keep the good stuff and change the bad.

However, Crawford was forced to clarify Musk’s meaning minutes later.

Crawford tweeted, “The official label is still being sent out as part of the @TwitterBlue Launch – we are only focusing on government entities and commercial entities to start with.” “What you heard him mention was that we are not focusing right now on giving individuals the Official’ label.

However, accounts such as NASA and UN were stripped of their official labels Wednesday afternoon, confusing.

This real-time experiment demonstrates Musk’s improvisational managerial style. He has used this style extensively throughout the company during his first weeks as a shareholder.

Twitter and Musk have come under fire in recent days for their plan to change the meanings of the blue check marks. Instead of identifying people, especially public figures, it will now signify that the user has subscribed to Twitter Blue.

Experts in election security warned that bad actors could purchase a blue check mark and then alter their display names to pretend to be government officials or other authoritative sources.

Twitter decided to postpone the rollout of the feature after appearing to be ready for

deployment over the weekend. This was previously reported. Musk also announced that accounts that engage in unidentified impersonation will be permanently barred without warning. This is a reversal of earlier promises that “permabans”, or extremely rare, would be made.

Twitter announced Tuesday evening that it would add the gray checkmark to its “official” label to clear up any confusion about accounts on its platform being identity-verified.

Crawford posted an earlier screenshot showing how the new label would look. This screenshot showed Twitter’s account profile. It had a blue check mark next to its display name and a gray checkmark underneath it.

Crawford tweeted Tuesday that “Not all accounts previously verified will receive the ‘Official label” and that the label was not available for purchase. It will be given to government accounts, businesses, partners, major media outlets, and publishers, as well as some public figures.

Crawford confirmed that the future option to purchase a blue checkmark will not require identity verification.

Crawford stated, “We’ll keep trying to distinguish between different types of account types,”

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