'W-Coin' Tips Guide: How to Earn the Most Coins in the Telegram Crypto Game

W-Coin is one of the more recent tap-to-earn games capturing the attention of millions of players across the crypto industry. The game recently reported that it now has over 13 million players, and it’s only been two months since launch. 

For anyone familiar with tap-to-earn games like Notcoin or TapSwap, you’ll pick this one up pretty quickly. There are, however, a few unique game mechanics that help W-Coin stand apart from the others.

Here’s how to make the most of your W-Coin gameplay to potentially pump your bag ahead of an eventual airdrop.

Complete tasks

Before you even begin tapping, navigate over to the “Tasks” section and complete the first few tasks. They’re super easy and include things like following W-Coin on Twitter and joining their community channel. Granted, you might not want to see W-Coin updates in your feed forever—but it’s an easy way to nab some free coins, and then you can always unfollow later.

With these first few tasks, you should be able to gain around 250,000 coins so that you can buy some upgrades before you sink your teeth into the game. We’ll discuss which upgrades bring the most bang for your buck in the following sections.

Screenshots from W-Coin. Image: Decrypt

Use your free boosters

There are two types of free daily boosters that users can use three times per day each in W-Coin. These are “Full Battery” and “Lucky Dice,” and you should be using these whenever they are available.

Full Battery recharges your energy bar and allows you to keep tapping, while the Lucky Dice booster gives you a temporary earnings multiplier that’s added to your taps for 10 seconds. Your boosters are free, so use them whenever they’re available to maximize your points.

Buy the upgrades

Once you’ve banked some coins, be sure to start buying some upgrades. The very first upgrade you should purchase is one of the more expensive ones, the W-orker bot, which is similar to auto-tap in other tap-to-earn games. It costs 200,000 coins, but you’re spending money to make money as it’ll passively earn you coins when you’re offline. You’ll just need to claim the bounty after 12 hours, as it stops earning at that point.

Next, use whatever coins you have left after purchasing the W-orker to buy some of the other upgrades. The options available are Tap, Maximizer, Charger, and Multiplier. Tap increases the amount of points you earn per tap, Maximizer increases the total energy limit you have, Charger boosts the speed at which your energy meter refills, and Multiplier gives you a one-time boost of 100x earnings per tap for a short duration of time. 

If you’re going to rely on the W-orker bot to do most of your farming, consider buying the Tap upgrade so you can deplete your energy bar faster whenever you’re in the app. If you plan to do a lot of tapping manually on top of what the bot is doing, then consider investing in the other upgrades as well. Most of the upgrades increase efficiency for manual tapping, not for your passive earnings via the bot.

w coin2
Screenshots from W-Coin. Image: Decrypt

Invite your pals

Besides the W-orker bot, tasks, and tapping, you can also earn points for inviting friends to join in on your tapping. Each friend you refer gets you 2,500 W-Coin, or 30,000 W-Coin if you’re a paid Telegram Premium subscriber. You’ll also earn 1% of all the referred users’ rewards. Once you hit 10 friends referred, you also earn a bonus of 100,000 coins for hitting the milestone.

Stake your earnings

One unique element of W-Coin compared to aforementioned rivals is the ability to stake your earned in-game coins right there within the mini app, earning as much as 20% yield with no apparent downside. With the staking feature, you can lock up your W-Coin for three days for 2% yield, seven days for 7% yield, or 14 days for 20% yield.

Everything is still off-chain at this point, so really all you’re doing is locking up a chunk of your earned coins to earn a bounty of free additional coins once the period ends. So long as you don’t mind having those coins out of reach for up to two weeks, you might as well stake your holdings. W-Coin lets you have three simultaneous staking commitments.

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