These are the fastest-selling new cars of 2024

Toyota GR Corolla

Automakers finally appear to be back on their feet after a few years of severe instability, but that hasn’t helped all of them in the sales department. iSeeCars recently released its study on the fastest- and slowest-selling new vehicles and found that some companies are moving vehicles off dealers’ lots at more than twice the pace of others.

Toyota was the fastest-selling new car brand between October 2023 and March 2024, moving vehicles in an average of 39.6 days. Surprisingly, Alfa Romeo came second, averaging 41.8 days on the market. Last year, we saw a list of the fastest-selling individual nameplates overall, as opposed to this study that’s ranked by brand.

Fastest-selling new cars of 2024

  1. Toyota: 39.6 days on the market
  2. Alfa Romeo: 41.8
  3. Cadillac: 43.4
  4. Honda: 44.2
  5. Jaguar: 44.4
  6. Kia: 47
  7. Hyundai: 47.1
  8. Subaru: 49
  9. BMW: 49.1
  10. Mazda: 53.1

The brands moving inventory the fastest show a strong value and desirability for buyers. iSeeCars executive analyst Karl Brauer noted, “Fast-selling brands like Toyota and Honda represent mainstream consumers seeking maximum value for their new-car dollar. Conversely, high-ranking luxury, low-volume brands like Alfa Romeo, Cadillac, and Jaguar reflect both their limited supply as well as high demand from affluent buyers willing to snap these models up shortly after they arrive on dealer lots.”

Of course, there is no light without darkness, and on the other side of the list are a handful of brands struggling to move inventory. Lincoln was the slowest-selling new car company, with an average of 82.6 days to sell. Infiniti was close behind at 79.8 days, and Buick took an average of 79 days to move units.

iSeeCars noted that new EVs take much longer to sell than their hybrid counterparts, at an average of 70.6 days on the market in March 2024, compared to just 49.5 for hybrids. Some of the fast-selling new brands also made the used car list. Used Hondas sold the fastest, only sitting on dealers’ lots for an average of 26.1 days. Lexus’ used cars sat for 26.3 days, and Toyota moved its used inventory in an average of 27.4 days.

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