Viral Chick-fil-A Employee Quits After Reportedly Being Told to Stop Posting Reviews of the Food and Drinks

A viral TikTok influencer who doubled as a Chick-fil-A team member has revealed that the chicken chain asked her to stop posting videos of staff meals while on shift — so she quit.

Miriam Webb, who has over 121,000 followers and 3.8 million likes on the platform, first started posting videos during her shifts back in December, where they quickly went viral. Webb would what she would eat as part of the free staff meals with a humorous flair. She began each video with her signature phrase: “It’s a great day at Chick-fil-A and today I’m gonna show you what I get on my employee meal.”

@mirithesiren This is a Honey Mustard Lovers Dream! @Chick-fil-A #fyp #chickfilahacks #chickfilasauce #chickfila #chickfilaemployee #freemeal #freefood #curlyhair #blackgirl #honeymustard ♬ original sound – mirithesiren

But her days of posting menu hacks and lunchtime creations came to an end when she was reportedly told by upper management and corporate PR that she was violating a policy in the employee handbook (though she did not specify which one).

In a video on April 15, Webb told viewers they said she was violating company policy and that the chain was “not willing to make an exception” for her success. (The meeting followed one of Webb’s videos that garnered over two million views reviewing the chain’s new cherry drinks.)

@mirithesiren Chick-fil-A Corporate has asked me to stop making content. I’m sorry you guys :/ Thank you for all the support and love but an era has ended. “The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of TC&Js Enterprises, Chick-fil-A Whittwood, nor Chick-fil-A, Inc.” #fyp #chickfila #chickfilaemployee #chickfilasauce #chickfilahacks #curlyhair #blackgirl ♬ original sound – mirithesiren

“I want to make clear that this was not a punishment. It wasn’t that I did something wrong in my videos or said something in my comments that caused them to say no more videos,” she told viewers. “This was something that they didn’t know I was doing.”

She noted that corporate found the videos “funny and engaging” but still had to ask Webb to stop making the content for violating rules. She said that she asked the brand to “collab” but was still met with opposition.

“I respect their decision. And all I can do now is adapt,” she told viewers.

According to Business Insider, she handed in her notice on Monday and plans to focus on becoming a full-time content creator in the food space, already posting videos reviewing food from rival Shake Shack.

Webb said that Chick-fil-A is allowing her to keep her videos on her profile and that she isn’t angry with the company for their decision at all, calling the journey to becoming a content creator a “beautiful experience.”

Chick-fil-A did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request for comment.

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